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Finding Your Own Best Time to Exercise You don’t have to be an expert on circadian rhythms to determine the best time to exercise. Steven Aldana, PhD, advises trying different times of the day.

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Well, that depends on when’s the best time for you, because the benefits of physical activity depend upon how consistent you are. You might have heard that the best time to exercise is early in the morning — to get your metabolism going or to avoid unexpected distractions during the …

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All in all, the best time to work out is whenever you can. If you exercise at different times of the day, be sure to note the hour as you’re tracking your progress.

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Fitness experts propose that midday exercise is ideal for rigorous training, as your body’s muscles are warm and flexible and your energy levels are at their highest. However, basic physiological principles suggest that the morning may be the best time to exercise if your goal is to lose weight.

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Your Ideal Exercise Time. It seems that morning is an idyllic time of day to exercise, but the best way to find out is to set a strong foundation for exercise and then experiment to find what works for you. Exercise at the same time each day for at least a week and record how you feel (mentally and physically) and how well you sleep.

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So, let’s find out: What’s the best time of the day to exercise? The Case for Working Out in the Morning. Logistically, there are many pros to working out in the morning.

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