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[gran-yuh-ler] See more synonyms for granular on Thesaurus.com. adjective. of the nature of granules; grainy. composed of or bearing granules or grains. showing a granulated structure. highly detailed; having many small and distinct parts: data analysis on a granular level.

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granularity – the quality of being composed of relatively large particles. graininess, coarseness. raggedness, roughness – a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven. sandiness – a texture resembling that of sand.

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The level of detail considered in a model or decision making process. The greater the granularity, the deeper the level of detail. Granularity is usually used to characterize the scale or level of detail in a set of data. Use ‘granularity’ in a Sentence.

Granularity | definition of granularity by Medical dictionary

The good news is that emotional granularity is a skill, and many people can increase theirs by learning new emotion concepts. This is called the granularity of the heuristic function. h] random numbers in the interval [0,1] and the values are mapped into granular classes to obtain the desired granularity.

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Granularity is the relative size, scale, level of detail, or depth of penetration that characterizes an object or activity. It may help to think of it as: which type of “granule” are we looking at? This term is used in astronomy, photography, physics, linguistics, and fairly often in information technology.

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Western states spend millions on conservation and have more granular data about where the bird lives and breeds. — The Editorial Board, WSJ , “Sage Grouse Sanity, At Last,” 13 Dec. 2018 There are lots of loose, granular and bare spots on the report.

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Examples of “granularity”. A well-known microdensitometer, used in the photographic industry, is a granularity instrument or granularity machine. The granularity of the timing is application specific. The kidneys have a surface of diffuse, fine granularity that resembles grain leather. A combination of color,

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In computer science, granularity refers to a ratio of computation to communication – and also, in the classical sense, to the breaking down of larger holistic tasks into smaller, more finely delegated tasks. Granularity can inform development practices and direct design for technologies,

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The granularity of sand and water content have great effect in the increase of compressive stresses.: Eosinophilic precursors are less common in this type, and only an occasional cell will demonstrate cytoplasmic granularity.: The cell population with high green fluorescence was shown to belong to the population selected on the basis of size and granularity.

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Definition of granularity in English: granularity. noun. mass noun. 1The quality or condition of being granular. ‘Likewise, granular cell tumors may arise in relation to the pituitary gland/stalk; however, …

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May 18, 2015 · A higher granularity means that there are a higher number of details in that one table, while a lower granularity means less detail. The level of granularity is the hierarch within dimension to include in the fact table.

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