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However, italics (typeface that slants to the right) are a bit understated and do not attract the same attention as say, bold or underline. When to use italics? There are certain style rules to remember. However, italics are popularly used to call attention to certain words in a block of text.

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All four contain detailed rules on when to use italics. The AP Stylebook is easy: the AP doesn’t use italics. The rest are a little more nuanced, but you’ll be relieved to know that we won’t be listing all the rules here in the podcast.

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We use italics (characters set in type that slants to the right) and underlining to distinguish certain words from others within the text. These typographical devices mean the same thing; therefore, it would be unusual to use both within the same text and it would certainly be unwise to italicize an underlined word.

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As shown below, italics are most commonly used for the titles of works that stand by themselves, such as the names of books, films, and video games. Another customary use of italics is to give emphasis to key words and phrases in a sentence. Although it’s important to use italics appropriately in formal,

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Writers use italics to clarify their ideas. Employ italics to indicate the title of a publication, indicate a word used as a term, clarify information from a study or mathematical equation, signal a scientific name or emphasize ideas, particularly when quoting from an outside source.

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