who was the first person to use an abacus

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The World’s First Computing System: Long before the invention of adding machines, calculators, and computers, the abacus was used by people to conduct calculations.

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The abacus is basically the worlds first mechanical calculator,and is considered a forefather of the modern computer. . Originally the abacus dates back to between 2,700 and …2,400 BCE(over 4,000 years ago) and was developed in Sumeria. It is actuallya calculating aid and not an automatic device. .

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Who was first to use an abacus – Answers.com
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Who was the first person to use the abacus?

The person operating the abacus performs calculations intheir head and uses the abacus as a physical aid to keep track ofthe sums, the carrys, etc. What did the first counting board looklike? The earliest counting boards are forever lost because of theperishable materials used in their construction.

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The first reported and substantiated use of an abacus, orabacus-like instrument was in Sumeria between 2,700 and 2,300 BCE -or roughly 4,700 years ago.

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The Greek abacus was a table of wood or marble, pre-set with small counters in wood or metal for mathematical calculations. This Greek abacus saw use in Achaemenid Persia, the Etruscan civilization, Ancient Rome and, until the French Revolution, the Western Christian world.

Chinese: 算盤

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The next logical step was to produce the first “personal calculator”—the abacus—which used the same concepts of one set of objects standing in for objects in another set, but also the concept of a single object standing for a collection of objects—positional notation. The …

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As a technology, the abacus predates the making of glass and the invention of the alphabet. The Romans had some sort of counting device with beads. So did the early Greeks. The word “calculate” comes from the expression “drawing pebbles,” basically using some sort of abacus-like device to do math.

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A: The abacus was invented by Chinese mathematicians approximately 5,000 years ago. The abacus is occasionally hailed as the world’s first computer, but the a

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We could argue that the first computer was the abacus or its descendant, the slide rule, invented by William Oughtred in 1622. But the first computer resembling today’s modern machines was the Analytical Engine, a device conceived and designed by British mathematician Charles Babbage between 1833 …

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Before learning to use the abacus realize there are different types of abacus’. For example, the classical abacus or Chinese abacus has five beads on the bottom and two beads at the top. The modern abacus, Japanese abacus, or soroban has four beads at the bottom and one bead at the top.

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Jun 17, 2018 · How to Use an Abacus. The abacus (the suanpan is the most useful variety) is a deceptively simple calculating tool still used all over the world. For example, if you are representing a number like 10.5, then the furthest right column would be the tenths place (the first decimal place), the second column would be the ones place


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First, move all the beads away from the central division. If a bead is positioned next to the central division or towards it, it means it is activated and has a value. If it is resting on either side away from it, it isn’t activated. To use the Chinese abacus to add a number …

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The Chinese abacus is already useful for base 2 and base 16 calculations. Each rod on the Chinese abacus has 16 possible values because that was the unit of weight in China (Accent Interactive). Because of this, you can also use the Chinese abacus for hexadecimal calculation.

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