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Why did you choose education? Because life is a learning experience To see that spark in a child’s eye when they finally understand something To live in the land of the little people! Its beautiful there I needed to change careers and education was my first choice

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“Why I Chose Teaching as a Career” Statement (also known as a “why I chose education as a career” or “student teaching” statement) Dr. Bob Kizlik. Men and women in college level teacher preparation programs, in addition to about a hundred other things they are required to do, almost without exception have to write a statement that describes why they want to be teachers.

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They do so to get a quick understanding of who you are, why you want to be a teacher and how good your communication skills are. Good answer should fulfill several criteria: You should look into the future, not in the past. Saying that you apply for this job because you graduated from the field of special education is not a good answer.

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The question is simple. Your answers are powerful. Educators and leaders share why they chose the profession of education — and how they’re working to change the world one student, one school and one community at a time. Browse their stories. Share your own. “I chose the field of education because I want to inspire the next generation.

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Feb 18, 2009 · I was teaching community college English and realized how much happened outside the classroom that I was very unaware ofI returned to get another master’s in Student Affairs/Higher Education and absolutely love Higher Education/Research, so am now pursuing my Ph.D.

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Aug 15, 2018 · Originally Answered: Why did you choose to be a teacher? Back in college and high school as well, seemingly easy topics took me a lot of time to review. When a professor schedules us for an exam, I tend to stay awake the whole night prior to the day of the exam.

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Nov 30, 2011 · Some people might ask, “Why did you choose elementary education as your major?” It’s a great question and every individual in the elementary education program might have a different answer. My mom was an elementary school teacher and although she stopped teaching when I was very young, I heard about a lot of neat things that were part of being a teacher.

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Choice. Online education allows students to choose from a wide variety of schools and programs …

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Why Consider a Career in Education. You can choose to teach very young children from pre-school through the elementary grades; or you can work with middle and high school students and specialize in the arts, sciences, math, or technology education. You can …

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If you did advanced research and planning, this provides the solid foundation. If there was an individual (or individuals) who influenced your career selection, that provides a personal side to the story.

“I committed myself as an Accounting major my Freshman year of college. I spent my energies in college preparing myself to become a world-class accountant. But it wasn’t until my internship after my Junior year that I began to develop my interest in tax accounting. I was assigned a mentor that summer who continued to stay with me as my mentor after I graduated and helped me understand the field better and map out my career plans…”“There were many influences that went into my decision to select this career field. One of my early mentors was a business friend of my mother, who worked in the insurance industry and encouraged me to explore opportunities in this field. She pointed me in the right direction to explore the possibilities. But it was the combination of my career research along with my professors in my major who helped to solidify my decision. My internship last summer helped me to get an inside view into the world of work in this field…”“Well, I took a class with a professor I really liked, he made the class so fun that I thought this might be a really interesting way to make a living. I didn’t really connect the dots between the major and potential career until late in my Senior year. Although I love Chemistry, I wasn’t really interested in working for a company in the chemical field. So I had to look around to see what else I could do with my degree. I guess I really just fell into this career field because it was the only thing out there available at the time for someone with my degree. I didn’t really plan it that way.”

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Why I Chose Education As My Major. A teacher teaches for their students. They teach so they can get the students to do their best. A teacher teaches so they can be the first to see a student’s eyes light up when they tackle a long division problem and get it correct on the first try with no help. A teacher does not teach for themselves; they teach for all of the students out there.

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Top 8 Reasons Students Choose Online Degrees. Online degree programs take advantage of online’s inherent ability for self-paced instruction, flexible adjunct faculty and student mentors to help adult learners save on tuition, instruction or other costs. Faster completion. Besides accelerated courses, some degree programs are accelerated, too, helping fast-track you to the finish.

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